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Tea Parties

by Magmana

(free) 04:26


We assembled your chair from ancient bones and this tablecloth is sparkling because it is made of eyes--a million eyes looking through us into something unknown and ethereal as we drink our tea. Your latest dream hovers between us in the shape of a crystal ball. This is our Tea Party. We pass the sugar and look! Your finger has fallen off at the knuckle and is resting in your cup. And my lips were red, but since your finger fell off, my lips are now blue. But let's just listen. There is a rattle, a scraping, and a chime to start...

Tea Parties is Magmana's first self-release, and was originally released under the name Treasure. Seven songs written and recorded in Joan Tick and Caleb Lindskoog's Brooklyn apartment. And there is a book of short stories written in the night, underwater, between conversations and covers. One short story for each song written by Joan and illustrated by Maude Black, who is the same artist who created the cover art. Only 300 have been made. The covers are letter-pressed, screen-printed, and hand-painted one by one.

You can read excerpts from each song's short story in the lyrics section.

July 2012- Interview with a heart is a about our forthcoming album, Fiend.

May 2012--Thank Deli for nominating us for artist of the month.

May 2012--We are thrilled to be playing a residency at the Rock Shop this month. Three Wednesdays-- May 23, 30, and June 6th. We will be playing songs from our new album, "Fiend."

Feb 14, 2012--We successfully reached our campaign goal! In the course of a month we were able to raise $10,000 in album pre-orders. We are so grateful and can't wait to share the forthcoming album. Thanks so much to our family, friends, and listeners!

Visit to see what we are up to with the new album.

Jan 13, 2012--A new album is coming soon. Visit our Indiegogo campaign to pre-order the album and to hear more about our plans!

We are featured with Maude Black in this month's JOYLAND issue. Read our short story, "Emus on the Bayou" here.


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released December 12, 2008

All songs written and recorded
by Joan Tick and Caleb Lindskoog.
Joan Tick--Vocals, Keys
Caleb Lindskoog--Guitar, vocals
Ryan Trott--Drums



all rights reserved


Magmana New York

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Track Name: We Were Hunted
"He was not a talkative man, but she knew her father loved her by contrast to his treatment of the rest of the world. He touched her hands as if she were made of both glass and electricity. There was an unspoken closeness between them, but her loyalty came from her private concern for him, her longing to understand his deeply mysterious and sad nature. It was enough to make her forfeit summer trips with friends in high school even when the thought of his dank cabin and his perpetually sun-burned face felt like no fun at all."

--Excerpt from the correlating short story, "We Were Hunted" written by Joan Tick and Illustrated by Maude Black.
Track Name: White Wake
"He eventually fell in love with a girl who was blind in one eye. The eye roamed as if it belonged to another person living in a different body. It seemed to be watching a different world with other people coming and going. He sometimes imagined that the eye could see into the past."

--Excerpt from the correlating short story, "White Wake" written by Joan Tick and illustrated by Maude Black
Track Name: Arrowheads
"Hold out your hand. Your hand is so soft! It’s a good hand for holding this because you are young and what I’m about to give you is very, very old. Here are the instructions, though, for handling. First, I am a magician and you are my assistant. You are really more than an assistant. This is just a cover up because, of course, you are actually a very important spy. You need a name. Do you have a name already for the job? Let’s call you Dr. Arms. Okay, Dr. Arms, hold out your hand. Close your eyes. Now, guess what I have placed in the palm of your hand. Can you guess? Yes, it is light. Not heave at all! I already said it is very old. Yes, that’s right. It’s quite cool. A bit hard, but not compared to diamonds. Oh, I’m giving you too many clues. I’ll say it is precious and there is only one in the entire world. Have you got an idea yet? I can see you are enjoying it quite a bit, you must know what it is! Hey, wait a second, Dr. Arms! You can’t do that. Hey come back! This is my trick! Dr. Arms. Oh, no. Please come back. "

--Excerpt from the correlating short story, "Arrowheads No. 2" written by Joan Tick and illustrated by Maude Black
Track Name: Shapeless
"The absence of light was not the only strange thing that had happened to the world. Before they lost the sun, men, women and children were becoming disfigured. Limbs were shrinking and growing to grotesque sizes. A woman’s head grew so large she had to push it around in a shopping cart. A man’s hand expanded like a balloon until he was able to sleep on it. He did say, however, that it was the best sleep he ever had. There were other odd occurrences. In Pakistan, a teenage boy turned into the shape of a triangle. In Japan, a little girl whose mouth turned into an endless source of fresh water fish became a town commodity. The cause for these transformations was unknown."

--Excerpt from the correlating short story, "Shapeless" written by Joan Tick and illustrated by Maude Black.
Track Name: My Feather
"Rakos are creatures that live deep in the jungle and although they are known to hunt and kill people, there have been no incidents or sighting for an entire generation. The last villager to have seen a Rako is Boona’s grandfather. In fact, people have started to think Rakos no longer exist. This makes the village feel a little safer because to be killed by a Rako is to die the most painful death.

If a Rako spits in your eye, its poison causes your skin to sprout thousands of long, razor-sharp quills. It is bad enough to be covered in quills, but that’s just the beginning. One by one they come alive. They grow long and hysterical before twisting back to stab you. People who have been killed by Rakos look like bloody pin cushions and usually by the time someone finds them, jungle ants have eaten away what is left of their face. This often gives children nightmares, but not Boona."

--Excerpt from he correlating short story, "My Feather" written by Joan Tick and illustrated by Maude Black.
Track Name: Rainbow
"The sun shines white against a glass current. The birds rise with bliss in their voices. In all its familiar beauty, the sight of morning is nightmarish. Years ago, she used to come here to swim in the early morning from her favorite starting point--the rock bed that jetted out across the water to where it was deep enough to dive.

She once swam during a heavy rainstorm, which did not frighten her then. She sank below the surface of the water where she felt the joyful division of two worlds taking place. The pelting rain overhead and the calm silence below became a dream world and a waking world living side by side. When the rain stopped, she was still swimming downstream. She floated on her back as gigantic silver clouds traveled with her in the same direction."

--Excerpt from the correlating short story, "Rainbow No.1" written by Joan Tick and illustrated by Maude Black.